Escape Rooms


Live-Action Gaming

Put away your video games. It's time to get real! Mind Maze Escape is a live-action game that challenges you and your team to solve puzzles, find clues, and complete tasks. The clock is ticking, so you'll have to work together if you want to stand a chance of escaping the Mind Maze.

How It Works

Your experience begins at our facility in Mansfield. Our game master briefs all the players on the rules and gives some back-story about your chosen room's theme. Then the door is closed and the countdown begins. Your job is to figure out how to get out.


Each event session will last 60 minutes; however please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to allow for a briefing and 15 minutes after exiting the escape room for a debriefing and photo session. Attendees must sign a waiver. Ages 6 to adult are allowed to participate. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied in the room by a paying adult. Cellular telephones are not allowed in the escape rooms. Should your team arrive late and cause a delay in the game starting time, that time will be deducted from the 60 minutes allowed to complete the game (Example: If your game time starts at 12:00 PM and your team arrives at 12:15 PM, then you will have 45:00 minutes to complete the game). ALL SALES ARE FINAL (NO REFUNDS).

Have a Question?

If you have any questions, visit our FAQs page or visit our contact page to get in touch.

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously!

You won’t have to worry about having fun safely at our place. Below are all of the new policies and procedures that we have implemented:

• When you come, only your group will be allowed in our lobby.
• All games will be private. You will not be in a room with any other individuals besides those who you came with.
• We have increased our cleanliness with wiping and/or spraying all touched surfaces with disinfectant in each room.
• All of our employees will be wearing masks AND staying at least 6 feet away from you.
• All employees must verify with the management of their physical conditions before working.
• Hand sanitizer and soap will be supplied for team members and you.