The Mind Maze Escape Room

Can You Escape The Mind Maze?

A One Of A Kind Experience

Mind Maze LLC runs three different escape rooms at our facility in Mansfield, Texas. We are the newest and best escape room company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.The Mind Maze is a fun and exciting escape room event for all ages. Put your eyes, ears, and intellect to the test as you and your team race against the clock to search for clues, to solve the puzzles before 60 minutes expires. Synergy is the winning formula for your team.

Discover Clues

The answers won't always be obvious. You will have to not only be investigative, but you'll have to be creative to help escape!

Solve Puzzles

Answers are built within answers. You will have to use all the participants to piece together every clue into a bigger picture that helps you!

Race The Clock

You're racing against the clock to escape. While searching for clues and trying to solve the problem don't forget about the clock counting down!

What Escapees Are Saying

We Value Our Corporate Events

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Join the numerous other compaines throughout the DFW area to hold corporate events at Mind Maze. Corporate events offer team building, communication, and creative skill development while having a fun time. Don't allow your employees to sit through another gruesome training, get the skills needed while having fun!