Mad Scientist Room

Stephenson Family

  •  Members: 4
  •  Escape Time: 35:56

Ervin Family

  •  Members: 5
  •  Escape Time: 50:36

Hampton Family

  •  Members: 6
  •  Escape Time: 51:56

Wild West Room

Larabell Family

  •  Members: 4
  •  Escape Time: 41:20

Hunt Family and Friends

  •  Members: 5
  •  Escape Time: 43:44

Vibert Family

  •  Members: 5
  •  Escape Time: 50:02

Secret Agent Room

Watson Family

  •  Members: 6
  •  Escape Time: 52:22

Nixon Family

  •  Members: 15
  •  Escape Time: 56:54

Hawkins Family

  •  Members: 10
  •  Escape Time: 58:34

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously!

You won’t have to worry about having fun safely at our place. Below are all of the new policies and procedures that we have implemented:

• When you come, only your group will be allowed in our lobby.
• All games will be private. You will not be in a room with any other individuals besides those who you came with.
• We have increased our cleanliness with wiping and/or spraying all touched surfaces with disinfectant in each room.
• All of our employees will be wearing masks AND staying at least 6 feet away from you.
• All employees must verify with the management of their physical conditions before working.
• Hand sanitizer and soap will be supplied for team members and you.